StemZyme™ is a ground-breaking revolution in the world of aesthetics. DMK’s StemZyme™ is no ordinary treatment; it’s the result of nearly a decade of research and development, poised to transform the realm of facial aesthetics in the UK. This unique and innovative 50-day specialized program promises to reverse the decline in adult epidermal skin cells, foster cell renewal, trigger stem cell differentiation, and support the skin’s lifecycle at every stage.

DMK StemZyme™

The innovative approach facilitates the process of adult epidermal skin cell renewal, triggers successful stem cell differentiation into various skin cells and tissues, and fortifies the skin cell lifecycle at every stage. This is particularly valuable for treating the signs of aging, for hyper-reactive skin and uneven skin tone and discoloration – often associated with acne.

What is a stem cell?

At its core, a stem cell is the foundational building block of the human body. It’s an unspecialized cell, the starting point for any cell’s development in our bodies. As we age, specialized cells in our organs reach the end of their lifespan, and it’s stem cells that step in to replenish them. This fundamental process of cell replenishment is the key to age management, especially in the context of our skin. Unfortunately, as we age, epidermal stem cells decline in number. To put it in perspective, we’re born with approximately 1 billion stem cells, but by the time we reach 80, that number dwindles to a mere 100 million, a mere 10% of the original figure.

The Foundation of Beautiful Skin

Think of your skin like an aging house; even with constant renovations, if the foundation weakens, the house will eventually crumble. Similarly, maintaining the foundation of our skin, the epidermal stem cells, is essential. Epidermal stem cells are the foundational building blocks of the skin, and all aesthetic success is built upon their health and vitality.

The Solution: StemZyme™

StemZyme™ is the answer to slowing down the decline of stem cells and the aging process. Unlike most products that claim to harness stem cell technology, StemZyme™ is unique. It doesn’t rely on inert stem cells from other parts of the body, which can’t develop into skin-specific cells. Instead, it leverages the skin’s OWN epidermal stem cells to multiply and differentiate into specialist skin cells like basal cells, keratinocytes, and melanocytes. These cells play a vital role in rebuilding, protecting, and maintaining skin quality. StemZyme™ is a true revolution in skincare, reversing the decline in epidermal skin cells and boosting their numbers, effectively slowing the aging process.

What Does StemZyme™ Involve?

The StemZyme™ program is a precise 50-day protocol. It combines five professional DMK treatments administered by DMK MD-certified clinicians and a meticulously designed Home Prescriptive regimen. DMK MD™ certification represents the pinnacle of professional education and focuses on advanced concepts related to epidermal stem cells and skin microbiome. StemZyme™ therapy is exclusively available through MD-level DMK Skin Therapists.

After a course of StemZyme™ treatment, you can expect remarkable results: firmer, more youthful, turgid, plumper skin with a more even tone. It’s more than skincare; it’s a transformation.


The benefits of StemZyme™ go beyond surface-level improvements. By working at a cellular level, this treatment aims to:

  • Slow down the aging process by boosting the population of regenerative stem cells.
  • Increase the number of vital epidermal stem cells that play a pivotal role in maintaining biologically young and healthy skin.
  • Prevent inflammation and reduce oxidative damage, ultimately strengthening your skin’s immunity.
  • Improve blood supply to your skin, promoting a healthier, more youthful appearance.
  • Deliver visible results, including firmer, more turgid, and plumper skin with a younger and more even tone.

Suitable Candidates

StemZyme™ is suitable for those seeking a comprehensive and long-lasting solution to combat the signs of aging and revitalize their skin. If you’re looking to address issues related to aging, skin damage, or a desire to rejuvenate your appearance, StemZyme™ may be the perfect treatment for you.

Treatment Process

Your journey with StemZyme™ involves a highly specific 50-day protocol. This program combines five professional DMK treatments, expertly administered by DMK MD-certified clinicians, with a meticulously planned Home Prescriptive regimen. Our MD-level DMK Skin Therapists are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to unlock the regenerative benefits of latent epidermal stem cells through the StemZyme™ system.


The StemZyme™ program spans over 50 days, comprising multiple professional treatments and a carefully mapped out Home Prescriptive regimen. The program’s duration is a testament to the comprehensive and transformative nature of StemZyme™.

Recovery and Downtime

One of the remarkable advantages of StemZyme™ is its minimal downtime. While some treatments may require a brief recovery period, you can typically resume your daily activities soon after each session. Our professional therapists will provide you with specific post-treatment care instructions to ensure a comfortable recovery.

Side Effects and Risks

StemZyme™ is celebrated for its safety and effectiveness. However, as with any advanced skincare treatment, there may be minimal, temporary side effects, such as redness or mild irritation. These effects are typically short-lived and subside quickly, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.


Q: Is StemZyme™ only for those with severe skin concerns?
A: No, StemZyme™ is designed for individuals seeking both preventive and corrective skincare. It can be tailored to address various skin types and concerns.

Q: Will I experience significant downtime after a StemZyme™ session?
A: The downtime is minimal, allowing you to return to your daily activities without extended interruptions.

Q: How long do the visible results last?
A: The results from StemZyme™ are long-lasting, and they can be further maintained with proper skincare and maintenance.

Don’t just dream of perfect skin; make it a reality with DMK StemZyme™.

Remember, we are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you enjoy the benefits of StemZyme™ with confidence and knowledge.