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From acne to aging, scars to rosacea, we understand that each skin type is unique, requiring tailored solutions for optimal results.

At our cosmetic studio in Berlin, we blend professional treatments with personalised homecare routines, taking you on a holistic journey to healthier, radiant skin.

Ich kann auch auf Deutsch über alle Zustände beraten, insbesondere im Bereich der Aknebehandlung.

Я также говорю по-русски и по-украински. Вы можете просматривать мой сайт на русском языке.

Polina Sheriff - your consultant in all things skincare, especially acne treatments

Polina Sheriff

Polina Sheriff, a seasoned aesthetician with over a decade of experience, offers personalized skincare solutions tailored to individual needs.

With a gentle touch and attention to detail, she guides clients towards renewed confidence.

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Tailored Skincare Solutions

At Berlin Kosmetik, we provide treatments for many conditions. We offer personalised consultations and treatments to address the root causes of acne, delivering bespoke solutions to help you attain clear and healthy skin. Our solutions include products and procedures like DMK Acu-Klenz and Pro-Alpha Six Layer Peel for impactful outcomes.

Our approach to treating rosacea and pigmentation issues is holistic, addressing underlying factors to give you long-lasting results. With personalized treatments like the Enbioment System for rosacea and DMK Melanotech System for pigmentation, we help you achieve a more even skin tone and a natural radiance.

For those looking to reduce fine lines and improve the overall appearance of their skin, we offer age management treatments that stimulate collagen production and promote skin regeneration. Solutions like the Pro-Alpha Six Layer Peel and Body Enzyme Therapy help you achieve smoother, healthier skin.

If you struggle with cellulite or unwanted hair, our effective treatments can help restore your confidence and enhance your overall well-being. We offer targeted procedures for cellulite reduction and the revolutionary DMK Alkaline Wash Treatment for painless and efficient hair removal.

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Beauty salon in Berlin Hermsdorf near Frohnau

Berlin Hermsdorf is a charming locality situated just south of Frohnau and East of Tegel in the Reinickendorf borough of Berlin. Known for its green spaces and tranquil residential areas, Hermsdorf offers a peaceful retreat while still being part of the vibrant city of Berlin.

Reaching Berlin Hermsdorf is relatively straightforward thanks to its well-connected transport options. The S-Bahn line S1 runs directly through Hermsdorf and then Frohnau, providing a convenient link to central Berlin. The Hermsdorf station ensures that the area is just a 25-minute ride from the city center. Additionally, various bus routes serve the area.

For those traveling by car, the A111 motorway offers easy access to Hermsdorf, connecting it efficiently to the broader Berlin road network and the Berlin Tegel Airport (now closed but often a landmark for directions).


Pamper yourself at our beauty salon in Berlin

Renew skin with enzymatic therapy, advanced peels, and scar revision techniques, restoring confidence and revealing natural beauty effortlessly.

  • Advanced Formulations: botanical extracts and scientifically proven ingredients
  • Tailored Solutions: Each product is crafted to address specific skin concerns
  • Visible Results: Experience noticeable improvements in skin texture, tone, and radiance

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Mild To Moderate Peels

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